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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Microsoft and host internet marketing seminar for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

Kagasheki “We want to give potential tourist a world-class online experience when learning about Tanzania”
A delegation from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism was treated to short seminar on ways to more effectively market Tanzania via the internet and online advertising by experts from Microsoft Advertising and Tuesday afternoon at Century Link Stadium in Seattle.  The delegation headed by the Honorable Ambassador Khamis Kagasheki, Minister of Tourism and Natural Resources and Dr. Aloyce Nzuki, Managing Director of the Tanzania Tourism Board, were given a sneak peak at Microsoft and Bing’s robust global advertising platform.
Mr. Allen Afshar of Microsoft Advertising and Mr. Dave Feldman of Bing led a roundtable discussion in which representatives from the TTB, Ngorongoro, and TANAPA were all able to ask questions directly about ways to more effectively manage their perspective dockets as well as tourism as a whole in Tanzania.
Ambassador Kagasheki, who is famously known for carrying his tablet computer everywhere he goes and being a big supporter of technology, and especially use of the internet in marketing Tanzania, took full advantage of the meeting to find ways that the Ministry can more effectively monitor the overall reputation of the Republic online as well as how to effectively reach out to potential tourist around the world using one dynamic platform.
“We want to give potential tourist a world-class online experience when learning about Tanzania that will include all of the latest technology for interaction and engagement and ultimately with the end result being a net gain in tourist.” said Kagasheki.
Being that Social Media, especially Facebook is currently a very hot place for advertising, what caught the Ambassadors attention was the fact that Bing has a relationship with Facebook that integrates search results with information from a user’s Facebook friend list which creates more targeted and effective advertising opportunities.
“For Tanzania to compete globally in the competitive tourism market we must incorporate the newest and most innovative ways to market our country to the world and for sure Microsoft and Bing have some outstanding tools available to accomplish this task.” Said Ambassador Kagasheki
Mr. Feldman and Mr. Afshar concluded the seminar by inviting the Ministry to let them know how Microsoft and Bing can be of assistance in the future in helping Tanzania develop a strategic and long term online marketing and advertising strategy.

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