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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Tanzania Gives Back (TGB) project in association with European Union (EU), Sumaria and Njia panda program from Clouds fm performed the first volunteerism activation of environmental cleanliness last weekend.

This activation happened on Saturday 8thof October from 9:00am at Kigogo area in district by cleaning and colleting dirties in the most affected areas with the help from the locals. The activity aimed to create a permanent solution to people living within the area by removing the garbage piled along the Msimbazivalley, which pass through the area.

The activation helped and will keep on reminding the Tanzanians to really understand what volunteering means and the fact that by volunteering we not

only help our community but also ourselves.

TGB was first launched in May with the aim of recognizing and acknowledge the Tanzanians who have volunteered all over the country. With such aim it partnered with EU, Sumaria and Njia Panda program so as to help in creating awareness about volunteerism because most people are taking it with emphasis and its importance.

With intention of broadening volunteerism custom in the country, they would provide education through showcasing the work of volunteers and participating in different community activations such as environmental cleanliness, helping the people in hospitals visiting the disables and playing football with the youths.These activations will serve a number of purposes not only to help raise awareness of the program itself but also to demonstrate to those exposed the work that may constitute volunteering.

TGB campaign also aims at awarding people in our own very society who have been volunteering their time to bring an impact to the community by making lives better or sa

ving the society directly and indirectly. If any Tanzanian knows or is aware of a person who vo

lunteers and deserves to be ack

nowledged should send a text message to 15522 by writing the name of a volunteer and the type of activity that person is engaged with.

Volunteers who wish to attend are gladly welcomed in the next activations that will be conducted every Saturday. Send us an email to or call 0683 225555

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